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  • The Cross

    Why is the message of the cross such an object of offense, stumbling, and foolishness to so many?

  • From Generation to Generation

    Do your part in reaching, raising up, and releasing the next generation!

  • Answers for Each Day

    In Bayless Conley’s 365-day devotional book called Answers for Each Day, he helps you discover biblical answers to life’s toughest questions each and every day.

  • Answers for Discovering and Fulfilling Your Destiny

    Discover and fulfill your God-given destiny!

  • Lost and Found (How to Share Your Faith)

    We need to do all we can while we can to reach everyone we can by any means we can. But how?

  • Four Keys to a Life of Impact

    Learn to navigate the waters of your day-to-day so you can reach the shores of destiny with enough confidence and perspective to make a lasting difference.