Today, April 16, 2018

Living with Passion

I want to focus your attention today on two passages. The first is Ecclesiastes 9:10,

Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave where you are going.

The second passage is Colossians 3:23,

And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.

Do you see the common theme? God desires us to live our lives full out, with passion. Whether you are a preacher, a writer, a teacher, or a singer, whatever you do, you are to do it with passion. You are to throw yourself into it.

People are attracted to passion. They want to see someone who is burning with a fiery zeal for whatever they do!

In my opinion, the greatest example of a passionate person is Jesus. Remember the story when Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple? That was a passionate act. In fact, the end of that passage says, “Zeal for Your house has eaten Me up.”

Zeal is just another word for passion. “Passion for Your house has eaten Me up!” Have you ever tried to imagine Jesus doing that? I have a very clear image of what that must have been like.

He is whipping these guys and they are running, covering their heads. He is throwing over these big tables and the disciples are watching with their mouths wide open, when they remember the verse, “Zeal (passion) for Your house has eaten Me up.”

Let me ask you a question: When is the last time you were eaten up with zeal for anything? When is the last time you were utterly passionate about anything?

Don’t just sleepwalk through life. You need to decide you are going to live!

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