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Four Ways to Lead a Significant Life – Part 2

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Four Ways to Lead a Significant Life – Message Outline

(Esther 7:1–6, Esther 7:9–10, Esther 8:1–2, Esther 8:17, Esther 9:1, Esther 10:2–3, Psalm 7:14–16,)
  • Mordecai is one of the key figures in the Book of Esther—truly an amazing character.
  • I would like to share with you four qualities that we find in Mordecai’s life which paved the way for what God would do through Him.


(Esther 2:7, Genesis 18:19, 1 Timothy 5:8,)
  • Family responsibility is huge with God.
  • It’s no small matter to God that we take care of our family responsibilities, whether financial or in raising and caring for our children.
  • Many of the qualifications for ministry Paul shares with Timothy deal with family responsibility in one way or another.

Not Self-Promoting or Self-Seeking

(Esther 2:20–23, Esther 6:11–12,)
  • Some will only help others if they know what’s in it for them. They try to use those with influence to pull strings and push themselves forward.
  • Stay little in your own eyes. Know that God can promote you.
  • I’m not telling you not to be assertive. Some are wired up with a larger-than-life personality. Just know that promotion does not come from the east or the west; it comes from the Lord. Look to Him to do it.


(Esther 5:9,)
  • Many live by preference, and few by conviction. Preference can change daily with circumstances, but convictions are non-negotiable.
  • We certainly need to exercise wisdom, but God has not called us to embrace some mealy-mouthed Christianity. We need to be people of conviction. Thank God for the privilege of confessing the Lordship of Jesus Christ before others.
  • You have to decide where you stand on certain things. Not everyone is going to be happy with you.
  • Be a person of conviction. You will not always be politically correct. You will not always be liked or included.

Humility and Faith

(Esther 4:1, Esther 4:13–14,)
  • When crises arise, we should immediately humble ourselves before God. Yet even better than that is to live a life of humble submission before Him.
  • Humility and brokenness, though important, are not enough in themselves. They merely prepare the heart for faith to take hold.
  • Many never make the transition from brokenness to faith

The God Factor

(Esther 6:1–3, Esther 6:13,)
  • Realize that you are born of God. You are a special treasure to Him. Whatever difficulty you are facing right now, God’s provision has been working on your behalf long before the problem ever came.
  • God’s plans of blessing and deliverance are already in motion. They have been working long before the devil’s schemes began to unfold against you. Humble yourself before God. Put your trust in Him. You may not see how or where deliverance is coming, but it is coming. God is faithful.

Four Ways to Lead a Significant Life – Part 2

Ever wonder what qualities will lead to a life of impact? Discover four characteristics that will pave the way for your success so you can make a monumental difference in your world.


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