About Answers with Bayless Conley

In 1979, God clearly spoke to Bayless about preaching on television.

“The possibility of this happening seemed as far away as the moon,” says Bayless about preaching on TV. “Yet I wrote it down on a 3 x 5 note card, which I still have.” It was just a few years later that the ministry aired its first broadcast.  “I remember when we first went on air. We were on public access television—channel bazillion and five—in the middle of the night.”

Since then, God has opened the television airwaves to our Answers program across the United States and around the world. Today, the Answers with Bayless Conley broadcast is impacting lives around the world in numerous languages.

Answers with Bayless Conley brings the practical teaching of the Bible in a non-religious way. The program appeals to an audience comprised of all backgrounds, ages, and cultures; the underlying message is:  "God has answers for you in His Word, the Bible."

We have been privileged to pioneer a number of channels around the world, including Zee TV in India and CNBC in Europe.

“For years I struggled with drugs and alcohol while searching for answers,” says Bayless.  “It wasn't until I was more than 20 years of age that a 12-year-old boy showed me the powerful reality of a relationship with Christ. Jesus was The Answer I was looking for, yet nobody had made His message real and understandable to me. I never forget where I came from, nor how broken and hurting I once was before a simple and clear Gospel message changed my life. Because of this, I strive to make the message of Christ understandable and relevant to the everyday lives of people.

“Even as a young Christian, I was still so filled with questions. I saw a guy in the park one day, and he had a sticker on his guitar case. It said ‘Answers—they are in the Bible.' I was so struck by that, that I went out and got one, myself, and put it on my guitar case. That is where the name for our broadcast came from, because the answers to life will only be found in the Bible.

Answers Online offers resources to a global audience. Through our streaming audio and video, extensive sermon notes, teaching resource collection, and e-store, we are bringing a hope and truth to many that might never watch us on television.

However you interact with Answers, our prayer is that God will use this ministry to help you and others learn more about Jesus and how a relationship with Him can give the answers to the deepest needs of your heart!